Monday, November 16, 2009

Introduction of...Me!

This is me, Sami! I'm the one hanging from that silly guy's leg. I mainly speak english but to help out with my Mommy's spanish class, sometimes I speak in spanish so she can practice.

Me llamo Sami y tengo menos que un ano. Soy negro y blanco!  En mis pasatiempos, me gusta jugar con mi madre (Kaitln...she's a human) y hacer "the usual"...dormir, comer, beber!

In my blog, sometimes I will put in a diary entry, have wordless Wednesdays where I post a cute picture of me or one of my family members, or I may just have a little quote of the day along with a picture of something I did that day that the quote inspired me of!  If you get lucky, my pal Jakey might put up a blog once in awhile!

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